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Texans Against Monopolies Excessive Rates


Texans Against Monopolies Excessive Rates


T.A.M.E.R. is an all-volunteer organization devoted to the interests of consumers

(ratepayers) of water and sewer services provided by both investor owned utilities

(IOUʼs) and privately owned water companies. We presently represent over 20

thousand ratepayers of Southwest Water Company (SWWC), Which includes Monarch    

Utilities and 8 other utilities doing business by other names in the State of Texas. Our ratepayers live both in rural and municipal subdivisions.

We are a non-profit group and receive our funding from individuals, POAʼs and HOAʼs.

Our most recent endeavor was to protest and mediate Monarchʼs rate increase in 2011.

This case lasted 5 months and during that time we negotiated a lower rate,, prevented Monarch from collecting thousands of dollars in legal fees from the ratepayers, and last but not least won a stay out from a rate increase until after January 2014

TAMER has a law firm based in Austin that is expert in water matters and has assisted

us in the hearings, lobbying for changes in the laws and general legal advice. We are

currently working with our state representatives & senators in formulating new laws for

the 2013 legislative session. Included in those proposed changes are to have the rate

making process changed from the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality (TCEQ)

to the Public Utilities Commission (PUC). This would lower the cost of protests to the

consumers and also make numerous other changes in the way rates are set.

We would welcome your interest and participation in our group. We are willing to meet

with your group and discuss any questions you may have. We need more people and

additional financial support to accomplish fair treatment for the ratepayers of Texas

Orville Bevel

TAMER Chairman

Wildewood Owners Association Inc. – Henderson County


TAMER Mission Statement


Tamer is Dedicated to Fighting,

On Behalf of All Texans,

 Any Water/Sewer Service Providers

Whose Owners Charge Excessive Rates